May Day Celebrations - 25.5.18

Well done to everyone for their brilliant dancing during the May Day celebrations this morning. We all agree that Myles and Noreen both made a fantastic May King and Queen.

This week has been 'Walk to school week'. Thank you to everyone who either walked, cycled or scooted to school to help look after ourselves and the planet. The adults enjoyed joining lots of you on Wednesday morning when we walked to school together from the common.

We are coming to the end of our book, Gangsta Granny,  so in English we have written book reviews. We thought about what our favourite parts were, who we would reccomend it to and any changes that we would make if we were to write it.

Our artist of the term is Monet. This week we been exploring different textures and colours in art. We have created our own artwork inspired by Monet's 'Houses of Parliment' during different weathers.

Well done to Leo who has been working really hard this week to continue practising his learning at home…

Marvellous Maple!

It's been a busy week in Maple Class!

In maths we have been learning to use the most  efficent strategy when solving subtraction number sentences. We practised using empty numberlines when we can't solve the problem in our head.

Today we wrote alternative endings for the traditional tale Goldilocks and the three bears. There were lots of creative ideas such as Goldilocks making the bears porridge to say sorry and the bears breaking into Goldilocks' house!

We are busy practising our maypole dancing ready for our May Day celebrations on Friday 25th May. Our May King and Queen is Myles and Noreen.

In PSHE we have been thinking about ways to keep our bodies healthy including eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water, regular exercising and getting enough sleep and rest.

Mrs Byrne came to visit us today and she was really proud of all of our learning.

Congratulations to Jake who is Star of the Week for trying new healthy foods. We hope that Ellis enjoys his weekend with Night.

Bubbles! - 11.5.18

In creative writing, we watched  a short animation about a girl who found a tube of bubbles which took her on adventures. We wrote our own stories or diary entries about going on a journey in a bubble. Well done to Lucy who went into the Star book for her fantastic story opening.

'One beautiful morning Harry was on the beach. Just then he tripped over something colourful. He picked it up the bottle and read the little label carefully and it said: Bubbles for people under ten. Harry was seven so he could use it. He turned the lid and lots of bubbles flew out of the bottle! "What is happening?" screamed Harry.'

We have been revising shape and fractions in maths this week. We found halves, quarters and thirds of shapes and numbers. We were then challenged to apply our learning to different problems.

In PSHE we thought about the difference between good and bad secrets.

Eden  - a good secret is a surprise, you keep it for a bit but the person always finds out at the end

The Train Ride - 4.5.18

We wrote our own poems in the style of 'The Train Ride' by June Cribbin. We used adjectives to describe the different settings that the train passed and drew illustrations to match.

In maths, we have been using directional language to describe routes such as left, right, half and qaurter turn. We have also been telling the time - please continue to practise this at home.

All of the ducklings have hatched! We had great fun putting them into the paddling pool and watching them splash around.

We have been scientists this week and carried out investigations about which cars will travel the furthest. We applied our predicting, observational and recording skills to the investigation.

Night is spending the weekend with Blake. Lucy is Star of the Week for being a kind and caring friend.

Reminder: Friday is the school disco

Measuring in maths - 27.4.18

Today we have come to school wearing our sporty clothes to raise awareness of the Fun Run which is happening on 20th May. We all have been given sponser forms now and you can sign up here .
In maths we have been learning to find the mass (g/kg) and capacity (ml/l). We used < > signs to compare the weight of different objects. Can you continue to practise reading scales when cooking/baking at home?
We have been historians in topic by comparing old and new trains.
Gracie – on old trains there were windows but on new trains there is air conditioning
Ramsey – there are rooms on old trains
Elliot – steam trains need coal, water and fire to run and new trains are electric or diesel.

In English we have been exploring a poem called ‘From a Railway Carriage’. We have been detectives looking for verbs and plurals within the poem. We will be continuing to write our own poems next week.

We are very excited to have began practising our country dance in preparation for …

Redbourn Primary School - 20.4.18

Welcome back!
When we returned from our Easter holidays our school had become Redbourn Primary School. We are reminding each other to use the words Upper and Lower school. We also met Mrs Hinchliffe our new Head Teacher. We have welcomed Mrs Hinchliffe by drawing her portrait.
Today was the very special opening of our school and we have planted a tree to remember.
On Wednesday we had a fantastic trip to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre to start our new topic called ‘All Aboard!’ Ramsey: I liked when we rode on the Steam train, it went forwards and backwards slowly. Luca: We had lunch outside in the sunshine Kaspar: We learnt there are three types of train - steam, electric and diesel. Kaitlyn: The miniature train was my favourite part because there were lots of characters to spot
We learnt that steam trains need water, coal and fire and it can take up to three hours to get a steam train ready to go! Well done to everybody for representing our school so well.
In English we have re-told the story …

Sport Relief - 23.3.18

Today is Sport Relief so we have all come to school wearing sporty clothes. We have celebrated by completing 'stop and moves' as well as doing a circuit in the hall. Thank you to everyone who brought in a donation.

We have been learning about fractions in maths, including halves, quarters and thirds.
Sam/Ciara - a fraction is when we split something into equal groups. Can you practise recalling your halves to 20 at home?

In English, we applied our history facts to write a non-chronological report about Queens. Before we wrote our report, we created a plan that included a heading, subheadings, introduction and conclusion.

Night is spending the weekend with Eden for her real love for learning. Well done to Eisha who is star of the week for her fantastic attitude towards her work.

We would appreciate any donations of boxes of tissues in Maple Class. Thank you.